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Difference Between a VHF and UHF Radio

Those on the market for mine site products are probably in need of a good two-way radio system. Online stores and markets that carry mine site products will typically sell two types of radios -- VHF and UHF radios -- but which one is best will vary depending upon the user's needs.

The VHF radio takes its acronym from the phrase "very high frequency." VHF waves are those waves that operate on frequencies between 50 MHz and 300 MHz. However, most of the higher VHF frequencies are reserved for commercial broadcasts and governmental uses, such as emergency services. A personal VHF radio is one that is typically designed to operate on low-band VHF frequencies of around 50 MHz. Consumers can buy inexpensive VHF radios to use between two parties or to contact others on local VHF frequencies. For example, many boaters utilize VHF radios to contact other boats, dockmasters, and bridge attendants.

A UHF radio operates on "ultra-high frequency" radio waves. But the most important thing for consumers to understand about this type of radio wave is that it has a very, very short wavelength. Where a VHF radio can have a range of upwards of 10 or even 20 miles depending upon brand and quality and regardless of outside impediments (like trees), a UHF radio will typically be confined to the range of a commercial building. But don't discount this! The short-range of a UHF radio makes it a preferred choice for when you want to keep private channels and conversations.

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