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Friday 15th january 2021

Tip 1: Clean Your Filter.

It is important to regularly clean your car; this includes things that are used most often.

Cleaning your cabin filter regularly will allow for the best airflow during the summertime.

If the filter it is not cleaned regularly then it will accumulate dust and reduce airflow. The filter is easy to access and replace yourself, however it is best to get a mechanic.

Tip 2: Do not waste Fuel.

Did you know that your air conditioning is much more efficient when your vehicle is running? The faster the engine turns, then the faster the air conditioning compressor runs.

To not waste gas, it is best to put the fan on and open the rear windows, this will allow hot air to go outside of the car. It will allow the air condition to have a break and use less work.

Tip 3: Set temperature as low as possible.

Make sure your air conditioner is set to the lowest possible setting. This is due to cars being designed to run on the lowest temperature.

Which will then allow the air conditioner to use less fuel and cool the car air faster.

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