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Choosing the Right Brake Controller for Your Trailer

Towing a trailer isn't always easy nor safe. In fact, according to the National Highway Transportation Administration, there is an average of 50,000 accidents related to towing every year. While certainly known dangers like distracted drivers are a leading cause for these accidents, so too are faulty or otherwise poor quality products and set-ups. One key way to stay safe every time you link up your camper, boat trailer, or other towable is by getting the best brake controller at a quality parts Australia store.

In order to get the best brake controller for your rig and trailer set-up, first, you have to understand your trailer's braking system. There are two primary types of trailer braking systems: Surge and electric braking systems. Surge braking systems operate via an automatic hydraulic braking system. Surge brakes utilize the trailer's weight and momentum and counteract it with a hydraulic cylinder to stop the trailer when needed. This type of system doesn't need a brake controller.

The other type of braking system, however, does. The electric trailer braking system utilizes electricity to operate electromagnetic braking drums. The brake controller is what enables you to activate those drums and thereby get the trailer to come to a safe and secure stop. A quality parts Australia shop will have a variety of brake controllers for you to choose from that will vary by brand and whether they act as a proportional brake controller or a time-based one. Proportional brake controllers are known for providing smoother, more efficient braking, particularly when driving in steep road conditions while time-based brake controllers are a bit more affordable and ideal for lighter weight trailers.

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